Picture by @ kcup84
 Photo by  Suzuran Photography , an amazing Cleveland photography studio! This is a picture of Jack :)
 Photo by  @foodslu
 Picture by the one and only  @masonscreamery  (hi helen!)
 Picture by  @bakewithcait
 Picture by  @ginaproden
 Photo from an  Encapsulate  photoshoot. Encapsulate is a Cleveland start-up that is helps to capture and curate life's big and small moments by organizing photos, audio, narrative, and videos for families and individuals!
 Picture by  @ginaproden
 Photo by  Sarah Freeman  for the  Munchies article "This Cleveland Ice Cream Shop Is Taking a Stand Against Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric" . I had to include because Helen and Jesse are amazing! Also, because in the article the author describes the mural like this: "In Cleveland, Ohio, a small ice cream shop beckons potential customers with the words "Come Over All The Time" painted on one side in multi-colored letters, as if a five-year-old had drawn them with sidewalk chalk." :-)
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